Those listed below do not receive any form of payment from Food Forever. Time is donated on behalf of each individual.

Barry Hobbs
CEO & Founder
Food Forever Foundation

Barry has decades of experience in company management and has held various C-level positions at multiple technology and investment firms. Barry currently advises several personal investments and is an active board member for an emerging remote housing company.

He has 23 years of experience in venture capital investment, strategic transactions and operations, including successful mergers with public entities. Barry has been successfully brought into several technology companies as chief executive officer to help prepare and execute high growth and transaction strategies. He holds a BA from the University of Utah with a major in accounting.

Barry grew up on a farm in a small town in Idaho and has always loved farming and the believes and executes values of hard work and innovation. Barry joined Jamis, and began studying the farming business in 2013. They purchased their first ranch in 2015. Barry’s expertise in business management and farming has helped the ranch to grow into more than just a ranch.


Jamis O’Brien
COO & Founder
Food Forever Foundation

Jamis’ professional career began in 2004 as a business owner operating a general contracting and construction business in Utah. In 2008 Jamis became the Director of Operations of Lone Tree Remote Camps. In 2010, he became CEO of Lone Tree. Lone Tree develops, constructs, and provides hospitality services for remote housing facilities to Oil & Gas, Mining, and Government organizations spread across North and South America. Jamis can build an entire city of 80,000+ square feet, in 30-45 days.

Jamis and Barry in purchased their first ranch in 2015. Combining Jamis’ ability to build cities in days, with Barry’s depth of farming and business experience, the duo had no doubt they could take on hunger. Food Forever can now build farms as fast as it receives donations and funding.


Diane Watts
Board Member
Food Forever Foundation

Diane has been owner and head designer of an interior design firm since she finished her education at Brigham Young University in environmental design. She loves people and designing their personal spaces.

Her projects in the first decade consisted of primarily commercial space planning and design development for large corporations and banks. More recently, Diane has been the principle designer and manager for residential projects around the country, including in Boston, Florida, Texas, California, Idaho, and Utah. Her work has been published in several design magazines and was featured in HGTV's top master bedroom in the country for 2010.

Diane has served as a board member for Utah Youth Village, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the education and housing of troubled youth and families. She has enjoyed serving with these kind-hearted people who desire to seek change and improve lives. She views the Food Forever Foundation as a wonderful vehicle to make a powerful change for the less fortunate in America.


Abby Hay
Web Content Editor
Food Forever Foundation

Abby has written for various technology, news and business publications, including the Deseret News and Prime Business Development, an online business she recently started with her husband. She has expertise in journalism and public relations, but loves writing for and about anything. Abby also has proficiency in graphic design and used many of her skills to make Food Forever Foundation what it is today. She has a love for service and a desire to give to others. Food Forever Foundation became a part of her life in its beginning stages and has grown into a perfect opportunity for Abby to do what she loves most and make it count.