Multiple ways to donate

Farms don’t build themselves. We are transparent in letting everyone know we work through donations and funding. We have integrity and can show you where every penny of every donation goes. It’s spent on seed, land, farm tools and equipment & livestock. Once the farm is established, it sustains itself and we use additional donations to build the next farm.

One Time Donation

You want to feed someone? Donate the cost of a meal or whatever you can -it all counts.

Monthly Donation

You can set up recurring donations to Food Forever. Set whatever amount you would like and we will handle the rest.

Business Donation

We work with businesses who either supply money, or donate specific items to Food Forever. These can include tractors, tools, seed, livestock etc. We can tell you at any given point what a farm needs so you can donate/fund it. We are even happy to have your logo on the equipment. This is a great social media opportunity to show businesses giving back to the community. If you are a business and would like to donate, please contact

Legacy Donation

We work with you to buy a farm. We will operate, maintain and improve the farm while feeding the hungry and donating the food. There are multiple ways this can work, and we are flexible on the execution. If interested please email

Because we run on donations, we are interested in all feedback or ideas you have. If you have a donation that doesn’t fit into one of these categories, please don’t hesitate to reach out.