How It All Started

We began our own ranch operation on 2,000 acres in the Ozark Mountain region of Arkansas in November of 2015.At first, we thought that we would provide natural, high quality food sources. Eventually, our idea grew into something more. After weeks of research, we found hunger to be one of the biggest problems worldwide and in every state. Other organizations have made some dents in the hunger problem, but hunger seems to be growing across the country at the same rate regardless. We decided to use our skills, our hearts, and our resources to start something great that would solve hunger forever - we launched Food Forever Foundation. We gained 501c3 status in 2016.

What we do right now

We are currently growing and distributing THOUSANDS of pounds of food right now to food banks where we already have farms. We are working with different states and governments to get funding or have already started to build farms for them. We are also donating THOUSANDS of pounds of food to individual food banks where we already exist.

We will create farms in as many areas as it takes to wipe out hunger. This epidemic needs to be solved, now.

What You Can Do

Here’s a stat for you: If every household in America donated $5/month, we could build all the farms it would take to solve hunger throughout the nation (yep, we did the math!) BUT! That’s a bit of a stretch. So we ask to lift where you can. Any donation, whether it’s monetary, a piece of equipment, hours, contacts for funding/donations - will not be turned down. If you need a farm in your area, or you want to donate in a way that’s not provided online, please contact We can’t do this without you.